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To Establish, encourage and nurture a vital Startup ecosystem in the institute triggering in innovation and entrepreneurship driven

The goal of the Navyug Navachar Foundation is to support innovation and entrepreneurship by giving our businesses the tools, resources, and mentorship they require to build an environment that encourages these activities and promotes economic growth.


.To make a potential venue for Innovation, Incubation and the most preferred destination for sustainable development.

In order to give aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to launch their businesses with the least risk, IET Lucknow has established the Navyug Navachar Foundation. Our incubation center's mission is to create a fostering environment for early-stage entrepreneurs with the goal of assisting them in becoming prosperous and self-sustaining companies. We are also trying to provide a welcoming ecosystem that aids our entrepreneurs in developing and thriving, resulting in the development of jobs, economic growth, and the promotion of innovation to create a better future for all.

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