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Our incubation center offers a physical setting created to foster the expansion and development of fledgling businesses. We provide a variety of services and tools to support the development of early-stage businesses, including office space, conference rooms, lab space, access to finance, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

We offer a variety of support services in addition to physical facilities, including business planning assistance, legal and accounting services, access to investors and other funding sources, and access to specialized tools like scientific equipment or prototyping tools that early-stage businesses might not be able to afford on their own.

Here are some of the Navyug Navachar Foundation's services' highlights:

  • High-speed Internet and electricity available around-the-clock
  • Computer System and  Conference & Meeting Room
  • Refreshment area-Cafe
  • Organizational Guidelines
  • Registrations for Startup UP and Startup India
  • Company Formation Guidelines
  • Registrations for Startup UP and Startup India
  •  Programs for Business Training
  • Mentorship Initiatives
  • Potential Networking Contacts
  • Legal Assistance
  • Grant/Funding Support for Patent/IPR Filings
  • Solutions for Digital Marketing & Branding
  • UP Startup Policy 2020 provides website and app development
  • support as well as 360° business support.
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